My Journey

Welcome to my journey, Here I will be showing you my fat to fit journey and what I did to achieve my goal and get into a better physique and how crucial changes made a bigger impact towards my healthy lifestyle.


I wasn’t always fitness conscious before. As I came into my teens the first time I felt the need for fitness is when I started developing passion for football. To be a good soccer player you need to have stamina to run a lot in the football ground, My coaches started advising me to loose weight, Around the same time I started admiring people with good fitness.

So slowly a passion for fitness started to develop in me, I started to read about fitness and watch lot of videos on youtube to learn about healthy fit lifestyle. That is how my journey started.

See below some of my pics before I embarked on this journey.


As I said, I was not much into fitness and dieting and in fact was obese and overweight for my age, I could not play any sport properly and I was often bullied because of my obesity and was saddened by it. I somehow had to change this sooner or later and I did not want to be obese anymore. My first official sport I ever played was cricket, I loved cricket and started at a young age and continued until I was 13. Cricket was my dream and I always wanted to represent my country and cricket also helped me loose a little weight but still was obese. Due to personal reasons I left cricket and started playing my part time sport football, Then I fell in love with football and realised that it is not a game like cricket and in football you need strength,stamina and mentality. I started doing small changes in my daily eating and started working out slowly and I started seeing a lot of changes and lost a lot of fat and was very happy with the results but still was missing the strength and stamina, I was not working out properly with proper form so I needed a trainer so I can do it properly with better results and then unfortunately a pandemic appeared and things got worse but this was my time to get into a better physique and then hired an online trainer, I did learn a lot from the trainer about nutrition and exercises which helped me a lot. it went well overall and saw lot of positive changes, but middle of my online programme I realised that I Needed a Physical trainer So I can know if I am doing my workouts right and I did get a trainer and My journey became better and I am in the best shape of my life right now and I am very happy that I did these small changes which made a very big impact towards me and generally following a healthy lifestyle made me very active. this is my journey and it won’t end here and this is just the beginning of it and would continue this forever and hope you guys as well change into a better you. thank you- Rishul Pakala